Mermaid Ball Costume Contest!

The Captain greets guests!

The Captain greets guests!

What’s better than dressing up in crazy nautical themed costumes? Winning prizes for your creative apparel!

Several mermaids moonlight as NMLC volunteers!

Several mermaids moonlight as NMLC volunteers!

The National Marine Life Center is proud to announce that at this year’s Mermaid Ball we will be hosting a costume contest. For those of you who prefer costume to black tie, you will have a chance to win some awesome prizes. Trust us nothing feels better than attending a black tie event dressed up as a marine creature and leaving with a prize and the feeling of utter victory. So for those of you who plan on attending the ball in costume we wish you a good luck and happy crafting.

The family with the most costumes!

If we’d been giving prizes last year, the Shaffer Cassim family would have won the prize for the most costumes! And, they had some pretty awesome costumes!

To enter in the contest all you need to do is purchase a ticket to our ball and show up wearing your creation. Our staff members, interns, and volunteers are currently being extensively interviewed to decide their eligibility for judging the contest. While some have cracked under the pressure, we want to assure you we will have the most professional and non-biased costume contest judges this side of the Bourne Bridge.

Mermaids and Pirates abound!

Mermaids and Pirates are always a popular costume theme. This year, who will have the best one?

For those of you who plan on attending in the Mermaid Ball in black tie, realize this costume contest has also been created for your amusement. We hope all of your are just excited as we are!

A sailor, a jellyfish, and a seahorse

A sailor, a jellyfish, a seahorse, and a Hawaiian dude accompany Drs. Bridget Dunnigan and Sea Rogers Williams at the 2009 Mermaid Ball!

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